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The Glamorous life of Andrea Ta'Lor! [entries|friends|calendar]
Andrea Ta'Lor's Glamorous Gayberry Life!

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The Magazine Ads! [04 May 2004|04:06pm]
[ mood | giggly ]

Well I just got a slew of the ads in the magazines sent to me! Now, I don't know you get these magazines where you're ate--These are top mags in New York so maybe it's a local thing. Anyhow. let's take a look!
Image Hosted by image.hostcubix.com
Image Hosted by image.hostcubix.com
Image Hosted by image.hostcubix.com
Image Hosted by image.hostcubix.com
Image Hosted by image.hostcubix.com
Image Hosted by image.hostcubix.com
I think that this has to be the best image of all the ads, don't you agree?
Image Hosted by image.hostcubix.com
Well those are the bulk of them. The party last night went really well. A lot of the directors there had heard of me and the review of Rocky Horror. They were really interested to see how I would have performed. One director, Bobby Hanjour, is talking of doing an 'off-broadway' production of 'Hair' and he's really interested in seeing me in it.
Well...we'll see how things pan out this time. I won't jump ahead of myself.
Things in Gayberry are good. Bye Bye Birdie went over well. I really wanted to go and see it. Barbie was Kim. All these darm photoshots though...anyhow...
I'm gonna get off here and go to the store. I need to pick up some groceries for dinner.
Kiss kiss!


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Andie takes Ties Square! [03 May 2004|09:56pm]
[ mood | ecstatic ]

The new ads were released for Vellachio's fashions and guess who got a spot in the TIMES SQUARE area??

Image Hosted by image.hostcubix.com

THAT'S RIGHT, my beautiful face now beams down from the billboards in Times Square. Kinda ironic that it's posted near all the theater ads....:-/

Me and Heller and a few friends we've made here all went out to celebrate last night. I sent a few pics of the ad back home and apparently I'm going to have a few magazine spreads as well. Helga's photos look good too. When I get some, I'll post them as well!
Well that's really it for now. Tomrrow I have a party to attend. Really big stuff. Maybe even hobnob with a few broadway directors...remind that Miss Ta'Lor doesn't give up so easily...



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Work it Girl! [28 Apr 2004|12:09am]
[ mood | hopeful ]

Well, I never knew just how much work went into a photo opt! Especially one for fashion! I got up at 5 am on Saturday and was at the studio at 6. Well I spend most of the morning doing make-up and light-tests and such. The photographers were very interesting people. There was one, Raoul, who told me dirty jokes the whole time! Then I had to start modeling the fashions and such. I put on so many clothes and poses and locations and make-up, my gawd!
I met another model who I did some shots with. Her name is Helga von Burger. She's from Germany and at first she was a little shy and didn't say much but we soon got to know each other. She came to New York as I did and is trying to find her fortune. She's working at this Cosmetic store right now. She, too, got noticed by one of the agents, though I was found by the designer himself.
Hes certain that thise photos will be good for me. Who knows, I might even get a chance at the runway...
Though this isn't my dream, it's a start. Many famous divas started here.
Me and Heller are doing fine. He's happy for me and bought me a opal necklace as a celebratory gift!
Things in Gayberry are going well. 'Bye Bye Birdie' is going along, thoug Barbie misses running the dungeon with me. MaybE i Could find some dungeon here to work at. Who knows.
Well I must sleep. I have more photos to shoot. I'll see you all. Ta-Ta

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A funny thing happened to me on the way to the Bistro.... [17 Apr 2004|01:12pm]
[ mood | ecstatic ]

Spring time in New York is beautiful! And what makes it even better is what happened last week to me. It was a sign! A change of luck! My fortune is getting better.
See I waitress at a little cafe called 'Bubba's Bistro'. Now don't let the name fool you, it's pretty top class. I juist started working there two weeks ago.
Well anyhow I was working the lunch crowd and one of my tables just happened to belong to this man, Lawrence Vellaccio! Now, if you're in the know about fashion, then you KNOW he's the newest and freshest designer in New York! Well anyhow at fist I didn't realise who he was untill he stopped me and asked me my names and what a beautiful Venus like me was doing waiting tables. I said, well aren't all waitresses really actresses?
Only in LA he replied.
He asked me about my acting career and what became of it. He actually knew about the Rocky Horror show I was going to do and remembered me from the New Yorker! He said he'd been trying to find out whatever ever happened to me and asked me to stop by his studio next week with my portfolio!
Oh Heller is so proud of me. He said he knew something good would come out of all this.
Teaching is going well with Heller. When school lets out for the Summer we're going back to Gayberry for a few weeks. Uncle Bea and Ophili miss me. So does Floya and Barbie. Oh wait till I tell them the News!!

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I'm a Failure... [21 Mar 2004|01:32pm]
[ mood | gloomy ]

Oh God....
The show....fell through....
A week ago we were rehersing and suddenly the producer stops by to say that it's 'Fini!'.
Apparently our producer lost all his money in a divorce settlement with his 4th wife. So now....No Rocky in New York. No one else will pick up the show. Everyone but me and Heller has gone back to Gayberry. If Heller hadn't of found a teaching position at that private school we'd be back there as well!
Oh Diary, my worst nightmare has come true....I'll never be a famous actress or a star...
Here I am waitressing in New York City while Heller teaches! Do you know how exprensive things are here?!!? I don't really know anybody. Even Barbie left!
I hate walking down 5th Avenue and seeing all the nice clothes in the shops. Things I can't afford.
I was suppose to be famous!
Me and Heller argue now and then. He's been a real support but I keep feeling responcible for all this. Sometimes I want to Return to Gayberry and live a quiet life there.
Oh but how I desire the spot light so much! I was meant for the stage!
Everytime I see an opening for some but part in a musical I grasp for it but I never get it.
I waitress, like every other New York Actress, hoping I'll get noticed.
Who am I kidding? I'm a failure.

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The Long Awaited Wedding and Honeymoon pics! [05 Mar 2004|02:43am]
[ mood | peaceful ]

Well here they are, some of them. I couldn't possibly post them ALL! Floya took so many good ones and I had to pick only a few. I've been up all night getting them ready so I'm a little sleepy. Not to metnion with the rehersals for the MAIN SHOW but I'll tell you ALL about that later.
Right now I would like to show you all my wonderful, beautiful, and magical wedding!

title or description
Well this is the main picture. As you can see, Uncle Beau lost A LOT of weight! Stomach Stapling will do that. Anyhow, There's me and Heller in the center and my Bride of Honor Barbie. Behind her is Theo, the Best man. My other bridemaids are Gooma and Gooba. And that's Uncle Beau to the far Left.

title or description
Little Ophelia made the best little Flower Girl and she was so adorable in the wedding too! Oh I miss her a lot but I know Uncle Beau is taking care of her.

title or description
I had this photo especially made by Floya. It's one of my favorite pictures of myself and I think she did a great job with the effects.

title or descriptionOh My! This was a 'special' piece I had done, wearing a wedding dress from the theater's costume department, for Heller. Me and Floya did this a few days before the wedding. Needless to say Heller loved it!

title or descriptionThis is our wedding cake.

title or descriptionAs always, every wedding has a toast( or maybe 4!) and so this is me and Heller toasting to a speech dear Uncle Beau gave.

Here are a few of the honeymoon pics. Don't worry it's all rated G! We had a such a wonder time at the Forge! It was the best two weeks of my life so far and me and Heller grew so much closer! It's such a beautiful area, you all really must see it sometime.

title or descriptionThis was our suite! Isn't it grand? Especially with the hot tub so conveinently close to the bed! The hotel we stayed at was called 'La Vista Bonne' and I have never seen such a beautiful place! We were near the top of the hotel and could see everything from our balcony!

title or descriptionOhh....Heller took this of me the first day we got their. The flowers had been ordered by him before we got there and was a surprise for me. I was so touched. He is so good to me.

That's all I have. I'll be posting some pics of us here in New York. Heller and I are adjusting to the life quite well. He has found a teaching post at an affluent private school and enjoys his work, though we both long for Gayberry's simple life. We have been busy though and sometimes we don't get to see each other in the day. But I always call or leave him a nte telling him I love him and he does the same for me. We all here are getting along so well do to the fact that we're so close-by and have each other. Well I am so sleepy and I must get my rest! I will see you all later! I have rehersal tomorrow!

Good Night and Sweet Dreams!

Mrs. Heller J. Cromp'e

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I'm still here! [29 Feb 2004|12:54am]
Oh Diary!
I'm so sorry for not having written in so long but with the Honeymoon and moving-UGH!
I'm in NYC right now (whoohoo!) in my tiny little appartment. Packing and unpacking, getting situated.
The whole cast lives in the same appartment building or next to it so we're all together--the theater helped with that.
I got pics but I'll post them later with more info. I'mn just sleepy.
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Be it ever so humble... [13 Feb 2004|01:57pm]
[ mood | anxious ]

Oh diary! Tomorow I'm getting married and I'm so excited and worried and nervous all at once! I havne't been around because I've been shopping for dressed and planning a wedding, not to mention searching for an appartment in the Big Apple! I think I've found a nice loft and me and Heller are seriously conidering buying it. But oh, tonight is my last night 'as a free woman' :-). I know the girls are going to take me off somewhere for a night of crazyness. I can only wait to see what chaos unfolds.
Sigh..sp now a chapter is near a close and a new one is beginning. I spent all yesterday walking the streets of Gayberry, knowing that I was leaving my home for good. I stopped into Floya's shop and looked at all the pictures on her wall, all the memories we have shared, and now I feel heartbroken even though tomorrow is my wedding day! I know a lot of my friends are going to be with me in NYC; Barbie, Gooba, Gooma, and more, but's not Gayberry!
My wedding has been so hectic to plan, even a small one such as mine! The colors are Pink and Black--my sweet and sexy sides. Ohpelia is a bridesmaid and Barbie is my maid of honor. Uncle Beau is giving me away. And then we go to our honeymoon at Pigeon Forge in Tennesie!
I'm so anxious and worried. Is this the right choise for me? Am I making a huge mistake? Should I stay in Gayberry with Heller? Should I even get married?
Sigh...I just don't know...

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New York New York!! [01 Feb 2004|02:55pm]
[ mood | ecstatic ]

It's official:
Yesterday, our director got a call from an agent up in New York and wanted to get us booked into a Theater so we could do our production there! I didn't catch the Theater's name but we're booked for the summer! That means that in March we'll all be going up to NYC to start our new lives as actors!
And because of this, me and Heller have decided to get married on Valentines Day! He's all ready looking for a teaching post up there(Private schools of course!) and me and girls are rushing around, trying to find appartments, wedding gowns, new clothes for the trip....
Good bye to my little life in Gayberry I guess.
In amm my excitement I cannot help but feel a great saddness in leaving the city of my cradle. This is where I have lived and loved and worked. Everything I know is here. Gayberry is such a small town and I only know so much compaired to New York life. Am I too naieve? I mean, skillions of actresses and actors have gone to New York only to be devoured! Am I next on the menu?
And I wonder about me and Heller..
Yes we'll be married and all but with my carrer...what will become of us? I love Heller so much and he is so happy for me....I just hope that fame doesn't seperate us.
And I also worry about leaving behind Uncle Beau and Ophelia. They want to stay in Gayberry. They have a life here and dont' want to leave it...
But I dont' want to leave them...
But New YORK!
My one and only chance....

Well anyhow, here are the pics from the Review Party as I have promised dear fans:
title or description
We started the night with me dressed in my Frank-N-Furter costume. I just can't help but wear the thing!
title or description
Oh just me and Barbie goofing off!

Well things began to get a little crazy....
title or description
Heller and Gooba and Barbie started to goof off and make a PG-13 pic here. I find it quite funny!
title or description
And we'll end the evening with Floya getting her pet snake Jo'se out and doing her infamous Sanke Dance of lust! I took this pic so forgive me if the quality is not Floya-standards!

Well I have to go! We're having a Football party over at the firehouse and I have to go and help decorate! Go Panthers! Uncle Beau has his face painted!
I'm really going to miss this life...



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Fame! [27 Jan 2004|09:05pm]
[ mood | nervous ]

OMG! It's happened! The article Mr. Yotlz was supposed to write has been published!

'..Ms. Ta'Lor was a stunning Dr. Frank-N-Furter, a worthy competitor to Tim Curry himself! Her sexy attitude and erotic acting made the show a clomplete revivial of the Cult classic. I wouldn't be suprised if the Gayberry Thespians were headed to a Broadway stage near you, New Yorkers!'

Oh, all of Gayberry is estatic about this! When I got the copy in the mail I was shaking and so nervous that Ophelia had to read it to me! The phone has been rining off the hook all DAY! Floya is crazy about them using her photos. She's believeing herself to be a real professional photographer! Oh and Heller is so happy for me...He said that if we go to New York we'll be wed before we leave and he'll come with me!
I feel as if all my dreams are finally comming true, Diary! Maybe someday this little on-line diary will be a mecca for all my fans world-wide to come and read the thoughs and feelings of their dear Star!
Tomorrow we're all throwing a huge gala event at Town Hall! Schools are cancelled and buisnesses are to be on holiday! Floya, of course, will have her camera and I will, as always faithful fans, post the pics!
I am just so excited, and nervous too....What if we never get a chance in New York? I sometimes wonder if I'm really putting to much hope and dreams into this oe little chance. And what if we go and nobody likes us? New York is such a rough place... They'll eat us alive.
At leats I have Gayberry. Even if it's nowhere, it's still somewhere. And the town productions are fun too...Our next production is Bye-Bye Birdie and I might go for Kim. But if that doesn't work I do know Set and Tech....Oh well...
I hope people aren't jealous about how the entry talked about me. Barbie and Gooma and Gooba all got good reviews as well. I hate it when I get ALL the attention and others get jealous. 'Oh Andie, you're suh a Diva!' 'Andie the Bitch MUST have her spotlight!'
I know that's what they say about me behind my back. Even Barbie has told me. Is this fame worth it? Oh I wish I knew...

Good Night!


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Walking in a Gayberry Wonderland! [25 Jan 2004|06:38pm]
It's snowing here in Gayberry!
I'm just sitting here at the house with some coaco and wrapped in the pink angora sweater Heller gave me for Christmas.
No news on the review yet. But I have a feeling it will come out soon. Perhaps all the snow is delaying it.
I just love these wintery days to be honest. All warm and snug. And safe. School has been cancled tomorrow so me and Phelia will go sleeding. Oh heck, all of Gayberry will be out on sleds or skates! If it's not too cold anyhow. Of course I will not be at work tomorrow either so that means I too can sleep in.
I'm really nervous about this review in the New Yorker! I just can't wait to see what it says. But what it the review says we totally sucked? What if we never get to go to New York? What if...
Oh but I am being silly...
Well, enjoy the snow while you can!

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Pictures! [20 Jan 2004|09:11pm]
Floya just emailed me the pictures she took of the show and cast party! So now I can show them to you all!!
title or description
Me and Barbie during the whole Rocky creation chase scene! That was a hard manuver!
title or description
Me and the Gang! Gooba was Columbia, Gooma as Magenta, Erma as Riff and me as..well you know!
title or description Promotional pic. Good for my portfolio and we all know how much I need to beef that up!

Now heres two from the Cast Party:
title or description Me, Barbie, Otia, and Floya all singing 'It's Rainin' Men' at the Ca'fe. Yes we were a little sloshed. Otia and Floya were Time-warp girls and wedding guests.
title or descriptionUncle trying not to check out Gooma's ample bosom! Oh Beau!
Well, That's all! Now I'm off for some beauty sleep.

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On Break [20 Jan 2004|03:15pm]
[ mood | drained ]

Dear Friends,
I'm on break now, typing on my computer here at work. Work, of course, is at the 'Sherrif's Office' but well...we did a little changes. Now it's a BDSM dungeon where Dominates and Masters leave their Slaves for some dicipline while they're busy doing other things. Right now Barbie is giving Gooma some tough love while Gooba is off shopping for a dress to wear. We're all anxious for the review article to come out. Everyone is on pins and needles with worry. Even I can't stay focused! Heller is there for me though. He says even if the review is bad he'll still love and there's always other productions. But I want it now! I want to be famous! I'm tired of living in this little hick-town! Heller is from the big city and he knows so much more about life than I ever will. I know I have Uncle Beau and Ophili but I feel so stiffled here!
The Wrap party was fun and got a little crazy afterwards. Too much of the bubbly I guess. I spilled wine all over Floya's cocktail gown but she didn't mind. Me and Barbie ended up singing 'Gay Par'ee' from Victor/Victoria infront of the cafe. Heller had to help me to the car but he didn't mind. I love it when he caries me.
To be honest I am glad the show is over. Now I can rest. Tomrrow is my day off so I'm giving myself the spa treatment at home! Uncle Beau and Phili are going to Mount Pelvis to watch sport game or something. Boys and their toys I guess...
Well diary, Barbie's shift just ended and how it's my turn to ram the glass phallis up Gooma's rear and put on the equestrian gear.


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A Star is Born! (almost) [18 Jan 2004|11:53pm]
[ mood | high ]

Oh dearest diary of my bosom! The show is such a success! I am on the way to stardom! I wanted to write you last night but I was so tired! After the show I went into my dressing room and Heller had left me 4 dozen black roses!! He is so sweet to me! And then the critic came by, Mr. Yoltz, and he gave the show a stunning review, especially for me!
Infact we might take the show on the road! Oh I am so thrilled!
Everyone loved me on stage and said I made a great Frank-n-Furter! Gooma and Gooba, those crazy cousins, were a great Magenta and Columbia, Though I must say Gooba cannot tap-dance as good as the origonal. Uncle Beau and Ophelia loved it to.
Tomorrow is the last night for the show and then it's the BIG WRAP PART-AY!
Oh Diary, this could be the beginnings of something huge. I will go to New York wth the show and then I will catch the eye of a director or music producer or fashion agent and then...The stars are the limit.
Oh how I hope Heller comes with me. Maybe we get married before I go. At least then I will not leave my true love behind. Oh, I hope Heller doesn't mind me being in the spot light! I love him so much....
But then again, we might not go new York and I will be stuck here forever as a dance-hall queen...
But I will not dwell on the negative!!
Speaking of Negative, Floya is having her pics of the show developed and I will psot them here! I'll even post some of the wrap party!
Wish me luck!


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Reach for the stars!! [15 Jan 2004|07:27pm]
[ mood | excited ]

Tomorrow we put on the SHOOOOOW!!
Oh, what if I blow a line? What if I can't live up to Frank-N-Furter standards?!? I WILL THE SHAME OF GAYBERRY!
I am just so nervous...
But on a happy note:
Here I have a pic of them!
title or description
I look SOOOOOO cute!!!
Oh I have been running my songs! I have sang myself to death!
Whatever happened to Fay Raye?
Heller is going to be there! I am so excited that he is comming on open night! Maybe he'll bring me flowers! OH! I would just DIE! Gee, if my career takes off I hope he doesn't feel left behind.
I want to be a famous star of stage and streen! I want to model fashions and sing! I want a cult following and the press to always chase me from country to country! Ophelia, of course, will stay here with Uncle Beau. To be honest I just couldn't bring a child along....Oh, unless me and Heller have a child of our own! Sigh, if we ever have a daugher, I shall name her Laquita.
Rumor is a big theater critic staying up at Mt. Pelvis will be comming to review our play and then go back to New York and publish his review!! Oh this could be my big break, Diary! This could be it!
Cross your fingers and wish on a star for me!

Your dearest friend,

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Oh my... [14 Jan 2004|08:37pm]
[ mood | silly ]

Well I am just BEAT after today! Sigh. I broke a heel, we had to do TWO dress rehersals! Then tomorrow it's a complete tech/dress run-through! Honestly I just DON'T KNOW how I can do this....
Well anyhow, Uncle Beau is going to watch Ophelia whie me and girls go do karioke at the club. I think I might sing 'You don't Own me'.
Oh how I wish someday I too could be a famous Diva like Cher and Bette Midler...
I would sing all the songs by Beck and Aerosmoth.
Oh and maybe Heller Croompe (my fiance and Ophelia's teacher), will final marry me...
Oh, Floya had her camera again. She just LOVES taking b/w pics and posting them in her salon. This is me AFTER the tragic heel-brake:
title or description
I was so tired and worn that the director just let me go...
Well I'm off to get all dolled up and go out for a night on the town!
Love ya!


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Oh Fudge! [14 Jan 2004|01:48pm]
Darnet! During rehersal today I broke a heel!!
Oh Tim Curry, how were you ever able to run in heels while chasing Rocky without breaking your damn neck?
Maybe Barbie and I will do lunch afterwards. Uncle Beau just doesn't cook like he used to. But he does makea good Dr. Scott.
Two days untill the show!
I am SO excited!

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Me at Rehersal!! [13 Jan 2004|09:07pm]
[ mood | giddy ]

Well I got my pictures of our dress rehersal last night and let me say they are SOO CUTE!!
I just HAVE to share them with you!!

title or description

That's me in the lab scene! Let me tell you running in high heels is HARD!!

title or description
Well, Barbie just DID want to take off his silly little cop hat! Well, I DO find it quite sexy sometimes but still...
Look at those muscles! And to think I CREATED him!!

Well that's all the pics for now!


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Well Hellooooo! [13 Jan 2004|08:39pm]
Well hellooo! As you may have noticed I am Andrea Ta'Lor and this is my fabulous diary about my fabulous life here in newly-renamed Gayberry! I gave up my butch-cop life to become a Draq-queen superstar performer! Me and my bosum buddy, Barbra Fi-Fe sometimes do shows at the ca'fe. My Daughter Ophelia is so proud, as is Uncle Beau!
In Gayberry, we keep it Gay with a capital G!
My newest project is the procution of Rocky Horror down at the local theater. I am, you guessed, Frank-N-Furter!! I am SOOO excited! Barbie is Rocky, even though he wanted to be Columbia.
But we all know that litte queen can't dance so I guess it's qiled up muscles for him!
Well I have to go and have my hair curled at Floya's Salon!

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